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Our Manifesto

Everyone's an expert in something.

The problem is, less than 5% of the world's knowledge exists online. At Featured, we believe that the most profound discoveries happen when we put our heads together.

As publishers are pressured to do more with less and AI becomes an increasingly dominant force, access to authentic human voices is more important than ever. Our perspectives, nuance, and experiences are irreplaceable. By allowing individuals to share their share expertise in a sustainable and scalable way, we're making real knowledge from real people more accessible.

Democratizing thought leadership is a crucial step toward progress - equally as important to us as the content we produce. This drives us to connect publishers with the best thought leaders as defined by their experience, not whether they have a blue check mark or an expensive PR agency. By connecting true subject-matter experts with the world's most powerful publishing platforms, we unlock the full potential of human knowledge, one answer at a time.

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